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Oasis Animation Animates Radio Stars

Using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and Harmony, Oasis Animation produced the new animated series, Les Grandes Gueules s'animent! inspired by radio comedians and their famous characters that have been entertaining Quebec listeners for over 20 years.

Press Release


August 20th 2015

MONTRÉAL – Thursday August 20, 2015
Oasis Animation is proud to present its latest animated series Les Grandes Gueules s’animent! Starring the incomparable duo Les Grandes Gueules, composed of Mario Tessier and José Gaudet accompanied by their sidekick for the last 15 years Richard Turcotte, the uncensored comedy will be broadcast beginning September 2 at 10 pm on Télétoon la nuit.

Press Release


Congratulations to François Pérusse and the OASIS ANIMATION team for winning the “Best Animation Series”  Gémeaux  award for its second Season of PÉRUSSE CITÉ.  OASIS ANIMATION also won the GÉMEAUX for the 1st season of the Series in 2012.


Our sincere thanks to our financial partners Société Radio-Canada, ARTV, the Canadian Media Fund, the Québécor Fund, the COGECO Fund, SODEC and CAVCO.



You are looking for long term employment, in a first-class Studio located in the artistic district known as « the Plateau » in Montreal, within walking distance of pubs, restaurants, parks and shows.  You want to work in a Studio delivering international quality projects without expatriating yourself, Oasis Animation is the place to go.


Jobs available :


·        * Harmony senior 2D digital animators

·        * Riggers

·        * Junior and intermediate 2D digital Animators

·        * Character animators

Please send your Resume to CV@oasisanimation.com


PÉRUSSE  CITÉ (Season II) finalist for the 29th Gémeaux in the Category:

Best Episode or Animated TV Series

Press Release


Les Grandes Gueules , Montreal, May 28th, 2014 – Les Grandes Gueules have been added to the TELETOON programing, as a new original animated TV Series created from their last 19 years of Radio Sketches, along with new exclusive material. showcasing the Mario Tessier & José Gaudet duet, as well as Richard Turcotte.  This production will bring their characters & crazy universe to life.

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